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Why look for the way to receive Panama citizenship?

Monday June 23rd, 2014 in Panama Investment, Panama Legal, Panama Offshore Services, Retirement & Living in Panama | No comments »

There are many answers to that question depending on each individual.  The answer is personal, depending on the each  situation and what he or she is looking for. Panama has a lot of things to offer and there are many sunny sides in this country, but still we have to consider many factors when explaining why. Among them are family and financial situation, climate and cultural preferences, language skills etc.

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Lawyers seek to accelerate the Migration Department

Tuesday May 26th, 2009 in Panama Legal | No comments »

As a law student, the headquarters of the National Migratory Service became one of the worst places to be assigned on your daily quota. Endless lines, rude state officials, and run down facilities were some of the numerous factors that led to this particular area to become hated by those with migratory errands. Read the rest of this entry »

Panama Maritime IX

Wednesday April 15th, 2009 in Panama Legal | No comments »

With the participation of representatives of the maritime sector from different countries, today inaugurated Panama Maritime IX.

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Authorities are instructed on Maritime Law and Coastal Titling

Sunday February 1st, 2009 in Panama Legal | No comments »

Panama has over three thousand kilometers of coastline. We can add to this the fact that there are thousands of islands inhabited and uninhabited by people. There have always been disputes about maritime law, the coastal and island possessory rights and the titling of islands and coastlines.

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Can Owners/Developers of RoPs in Bocas del Toro finally Title their Properties?

Thursday September 18th, 2008 in Panama Legal | No comments »

Unwary or ill-advised investors who, a few years ago, bought rights of possession land (better known as RoP) with great profit expectations in the buoyant Bocas del Toro real estate market soon discovered that they were trapped in a web of legal and bureaucratic problems. The bottom line was that they couldn’t title the land they purchased and, as a result, they couldn’t subdivide it, get financing and more.

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