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Why look for the way to receive Panama citizenship?

Monday June 23rd, 2014 in Panama Investment, Panama Legal, Panama Offshore Services, Retirement & Living in Panama | No comments »

There are many answers to that question depending on each individual.  The answer is personal, depending on the each  situation and what he or she is looking for. Panama has a lot of things to offer and there are many sunny sides in this country, but still we have to consider many factors when explaining why. Among them are family and financial situation, climate and cultural preferences, language skills etc.

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We must defend our tax haven

Tuesday May 26th, 2009 in Panama Offshore Services | No comments »

As it has been said in past posts, Panama is known globally for its turquoise waters, its Canal, its traditions, and its tax laws. Offshore banking, corporations, and LLCs, are but a few of the sectors that are fueled by the territorial tax limitations engraved in our laws. Read the rest of this entry »

Becoming a ghost in the banking world

Monday April 13th, 2009 in Panama Offshore Services | No comments »

Many don’t know but Panama has some of the most enticing secrecy laws with regards to offshore accounts. And why would you have an offshore account if it wasn’t for keeping it secret. Banks chosen for Read the rest of this entry »

Ready to go Offshore

Sunday February 1st, 2009 in Panama Offshore Services | No comments »

That’s right.  Anyone can do it.  Panama Offshore Corporations are regulated by Law 32 of 1927. Due to the territorial tax law that exists in Panama the corporations can be either onshore or offshore.

Onshore Corporations are those in which the business activities are carried in the Republic of Panama (the income and profit is produced in Panama).

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Why going Offshore?

Thursday September 18th, 2008 in Panama Offshore Services | No comments »

Going offshore through an IBC (International Business Corporation) allows the owner total control over their assets in the complete PRIVACY of an offshore center. All business, including investments and banking, is conducted under corporate ownership, keeping the name of the shareholders, directors and officers completely private. In the vast majority of cases, the banks are even forbidden by law to disclose client information.

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