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Panama Real Estate Investment – Your IRA CAN buy real estate!

Friday September 19th, 2008 in Panama Real Estate | No comments »

Does the stock market or slow US real estate market have you looking for alternative investments? Panama offers the investor many good opportunities.

You can buy income producing investment property. Your Panama investment might be pre-construction property in solid developments in Panama City, the beaches, highlands or islands in order to cash in on the built-in appreciation of the early stages in the development. Or cash in later as the area continues to grow.

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Can Owners/Developers of RoPs in Bocas del Toro finally Title their Properties?

Thursday September 18th, 2008 in Panama Legal | No comments »

Unwary or ill-advised investors who, a few years ago, bought rights of possession land (better known as RoP) with great profit expectations in the buoyant Bocas del Toro real estate market soon discovered that they were trapped in a web of legal and bureaucratic problems. The bottom line was that they couldn’t title the land they purchased and, as a result, they couldn’t subdivide it, get financing and more.

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Why going Offshore?

Thursday September 18th, 2008 in Panama Offshore Services | No comments »

Going offshore through an IBC (International Business Corporation) allows the owner total control over their assets in the complete PRIVACY of an offshore center. All business, including investments and banking, is conducted under corporate ownership, keeping the name of the shareholders, directors and officers completely private. In the vast majority of cases, the banks are even forbidden by law to disclose client information.

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Panama as a Regional Headquarters for Multinationals

Thursday September 18th, 2008 in Panama Business, Panama Investment | No comments »

As more detailed in our original article about this subject, Panama is quickly becoming the regional headquarters for multinational companies doing business in Latin America.

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Panama to Canada Non-Stop!!!

Thursday September 18th, 2008 in Retirement & Living in Panama | No comments »

A new air transport agreement between Canada and the Republic of Panama was announced recently by Lawrence Cannon and David Emerson, Canadian Ministers of Transport and Foreign Affairs & International Trade, respectively. The announcement caused little if no ripples in Panama, but for the many Canadians currently residing in this beautiful country, the news could not be more welcomed.

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Panama’s New Island Chic

Thursday September 18th, 2008 in Panama Tourism & Travel | No comments »

White sand beaches, pristine rainforest, incredible culture and people. See why Panama is becoming a top destination for the hard to please. The new destination for the connoisseur crowd that likes to travel off the beaten path, can offer several options for hiding in paradise. The new Island Chic destinations range from the outmost elegance to a rustic, self-sustaining eco lodge.

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Azuero Peninsula: Las Tablas, Pedasi, Cambutal

Thursday September 18th, 2008 in Panama Real Estate | No comments »

The Azuero Peninsula, formed by the Provinces of Herrera, Los Santos and part of Veraguas, is one of the most enchanting, yet mostly undiscovered, regions of Panama. Herrera borders on the North with Cocle, South with Los Santos, North/Northeast with Veraguas and East with the Pacific Ocean (Parita Bay).

The province of Herrera offers a diverse variety of adventures as well as beautiful rivers, mountains, flora, fauna and cultural wealth. The province of Los Santos is a province that predominantly dedicates itself to agriculture and cattle as well as locals crafts such as ceramics, jewelry and metal work. Los Santos is probably known best for its famous carnivals which are held each year in the province’s capital of Las Tablas. Los Santos is also where the national dress, the Pollera is tailored. The province of Veraguas is located to Central-West of the Republic of Panama. This is the only province in Panama that has coasts in both seas.

Azuero is most famous for its rich historical culture, including lively festivals and traditional religious celebrations dating back to Spanish colonial times. Many of small towns were founded in colonial times have their own 17th-18th century churches.

The Azuero Peninsula is one of the last parts of Panama being discovered by tourists and investors, but it is being discovered big time now. A small roster of celebrities including Hollywood movie stars and America’s rich and famous who are buying large tracts of land as nature preserves for exclusive getaways and investment. Recent celebrity purchases by Bruce Willis, Michael Jordan, Mel Gibson and Tommy Lee Jones has elevated the awareness of the Azuero Peninsula.

We recommend the Azuero Peninsula for investment because

  1. Natural Beauty — This area is one of the most physically stunning in Panama.
  2. Untouched — Because it is remote, there is little development and large, pristine acreages are still available at reasonable prices.
  3. Undervalued — While other beach area prices are rapidly rising, this remains a lesser developed and underrated region.

Las Tablas

The city of Las Tablas, which was founded in 1671, is the capital of Los Santos province located in the Azuero Peninsula. Las Tablas located 3.5 hours driving from Panama City on the Pan-American Highway or a quick 35 minute flight to Chitre and then 15 minutes by car.

Las Tablas is most popular for its Carnavals, folklore, traditions, friendly people, great weather and Spanish culture. It is also the economic center for this agricultural region where residents from the neighboring districts and small towns go to do business or go shopping. In the town, you will find a variety of banks, supermarkets, hardware stores, clinics, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, internet, and many other services.

Las Tablas is located a few kilometers from various Pacific Ocean beaches which combined with the exceptional weather makes for a beach lover’s paradise. It is also located about 35 minutes from Cerro Canajagua which has an elevation of 2700 feet above sea level and a very nice cool climate. Canajagua and Nuario mountain area, are being discovered as one of the hidden jewels of the Azuero peninsula due to its climate, access and incredible views of the Pacific and the peninsula.

Check our real estate listings for an overview of available properties in this area.


Pedasi is the home town of former president Mireya Moscoso, and during her term, the town of Pedasi benefited greatly in the form of good roads, lighting and other infrastructure. Pedasi is also located near Isla Iguana which is a natural island reserve, with a very large variety of birds and beautiful white sand beaches excellent deep sea fishing, and good surfing as well.

Real Estate in Pedasi is beginning to attract attention, large pieces of property and oceanfront farms changing from farmers who have owned them all their lives. Both parties, you will be happy to know, are making major bank on the deals.

The downtown part Pedasi is saddled by long stretches of rolling hills, not unlike you will see in the countryside of Vermont or Maine. For you Californians out there, the rustic coastline and jungle-icious mountain backdrop is quite similar, in my opinion, to the Tustin and Laguna areas.

Just a short ride from Pedasi you can hit several appealing spots such as Isla Iguana, Isla Canas, and the all-too-radical Playa Venado where surfers ride the waves during the day and drink beers by the crateful at night. La Playita Resort isn’t too far either. El Toro’s Beach is only 5kilometers away from the the town of Pedasi and it is one of the most visited beaches in the area. Fishing, relaxing and family fun are great activities to engage in.

Pedasi is great and now that its airport has re-opened, flights coming in, there’s no reason not to visit. Azuero is known to be the cultural core of Panama.

Check our real estate listings for an overview of available properties in this area.


The beach is a natural shelter where the locals anchor their boats. This area is ideal for a water sportsman since it is located minutes from world class surf spots, incredible fishing and diving.

Currently, there is a lot of new development going on in this region, with new roads, fishing lodge, and small hotel. The road from the town of Tonosi was recently upgraded, where you have small hotels, restaurants, banks, etc.

A small roster of celebrities including Hollywood movie stars and America’s rich and famous who are buying large tracts of land as nature preserves for exclusive getaways and investment have been buying in this area.

If you are looking for cheap undeveloped properties, Cambutal is a great investment opportunity.

Check our real estate listings for an overview of available properties in this area.



























































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