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This residence status is ideal for persons interested in Living in Panama and requires that the applicant establishes a proven investment for at least US$40,000.00 in Panama, plus employing al least 3 Panamanians.

This immigration program includes applicant, spouse and children under 18. If the visa petition will include dependents, the proven investment must be increased in an additional US$4,000.00 for each dependent.

Once the visa petition is filed, a provisional residence permit, valid for a period of 1 year is granted to the applicants. This provisional residence permit must be renewed three (3) times, for a one-year period each time. At the end of the third one-year period, a permanent residence permit is granted. The permanent residence permit grants the applicant a Panamanian Identification Card and the right to apply for Panamanian Nationality after 5 years.

Requirements to Obtain an Investor's Visa and Residence in Panama

In order to obtain an Investor's Visa, the following documents are required:

  • Certified check for US$500.00 to the order of "Ministerio de Gobierno y Justicia" of each person over 12 years of age
  • Affidavit duly signed by each applicant
  • Police record form the country where the applicant and wife resided for the last two (2) years. Persons under 18 years of age are exempt from this requirement
  • Four (4) photographs, passport size of each of the members of the family (male applicant must be shown wearing coat and tie)
  • Good health certificate issued by a local doctor for each member of the family and AIDS test result
  • Certified check to the order of "TESORO NACIONAL" of US$100.00 for each member of the family regardless of age
  • Signature of a power of attorney in favour of a qualified Panama law firm, addressed to the Ministry of Government and Justice. We will supply you the form
  • Letter from the company's accountant attesting about the investment of the applicant. The investment must be higher than US$150,000.00, plus US$4,000 for each dependent
  • Letter from either Secretary or Treasurer of the company certifying the investment
  • Valid Passports
  • Police record issued in the Republic of Panama for applicant and wife
  • Certification of the Public Registry that credit the following:
    • Purpose of the Corporation
    • Capital
    • Investors' appointment as Director of the corporation
  • Copy of the Social Security Payroll certifying that the company is operating
  • Declaration before a Notary certifying the investment
  • Employer's Social Security payroll (minimum 3 Panamanian)
  • Social Security Good-Standing Certificate
  • First tax return

If the applicant for the visa is married and has family, he must obtain and submit the following additional documents:

  1. Marriage certificate
  2. Birth certificate of each child, if any
  3. Responsibility letter

All documents issued outside of the Republic of Panama must be duly legalized by the
Panamanian Consul nearest to their place of issuance.

Once the applicant and his family have been in the Republic of Panama , they have to register at the Immigration Office in Panama .

For this purpose, the following documents are required:

  1. Two (2) photographs passport size for each family member
  2. Original Passports

We only need passports at the moment of filing the documents at the Immigration Office.

Visa Program
Basic Requirement
  2nd Passport   Open a CD deposit that produce US$ 2,000.00 interests per month.
  • 2nd passport for travel
  • Permanent residency
  • Tax free import of a vehicule every 2 years
  • one-time tax free import of households up to US$ 10K
  • Discounts on goods and services
The CD  deposit must be opened at The National Bank of Panama for a minimum period of 5 years.
Current Interest rate for  5 years: 4%

Self Sufficient Funds

  Option 1: Open a CD deposit of US$ 300,000.00 for 3 years in a Panamanian Bank
  • Permanent residency
  • Right to opt for Panamanian citizenship
Option 2: Real Estate investment  of US$ 300,000.00 (if property value is higher than 300K,  petitioner is entitle to obtain a mortgage for the remaining amount)
Option 3:Mix investment:  CD deposit and Real estate investment is allowed as long they reach the amount of US$300K
  Pensionado   Letter from a government pension entity, private pension administration, mutual funds administration stating that the petitioner receives a monthly pension of US$ 1,000.00 for life
  • Permanent residency for principals
  • Right to opt for Panamanian citizenship
  • Tax free import of a vehicule every 2 years
  • one-time  tax free import of households up to US$ 10K
  • Discounts on goods and services
If petitioner purchase a Real estate property of US$ 100,000.00 or more , the pension could be of US 750.00
The combine pension of a marriage can be presented as long as they  comply with the minimum
amount of US$ 1,000.00
If the pension is paid by a private entity, the petitioner must furnished a letter from the mutual administration, pension funds  administration  stating that the pension are going to be paid for life
  Reforestation   Investment of US$ 80,000.00 or more on his name or through a Panamanian corporation in a reforestation field
  • Permanent residency
  • Right to opt for Panamanian citizenship

Large Investor

  Required Investment of US$ 160,000.00 through a Panamanian corporation
  • Permanent residency
  • Right to opt for Panamanian citizenship
Type of investment: all, excluding activities restricted by Panamanian constitution
Company must be registered at the Social security program
5 Panamanian employees as minimum

In the BusinessPanama Group , we have experienced licensed real estate brokers, lawyers and other professionals to assist you on any business you need.

We offer you a Complete Investor Residence Solution by providing you with the following services:

  • All Legal and other services for representing you before Panamanian immigration and other authorities and preparing and filing all documents
  • Incorporation of the company
  • Buying a property or starting a business
  • Title Insurance
  • Home owners' insurance
  • Bank financing
  • Relocation to Panama

For more information, please click here to contact us.


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