Country Snapshot 2022

Panama summary of facts and figures.

Country Snapshot 2022

Full country name

Republic of Panama

Capital City

Panama City


4.279.000 (estimated 2020)  


Amerindian and mestizo 70% Black 14% White 10% Amerindian 6%


Spanish (Official), 14% speak English, Indigenous languages


93% Christians, 75.3% roman catholic, 16.4% protestants, 1.3% Other Christians, 2.1% other religions, 4.8% no religion affiliations.


Presidential Constitutional Republic


$9,739.2 USD Billion (Q1 - 2021)

Annual growth

-8.5% (Q1 - 2021)


Inflation 1.6% (Q1 - 2021)

Major industries

Banking, services, construction, petroleum, brewing, tourism, transportation, cement and other construction materials, sugar milling, shipping, agriculture, real estate, wholesale and retail sale and manufacturing.

Major trading partners

USA, EU, Central America and the Caribbean, Japan, Canada, Colombia and Venezuela


Every visitor needs a valid passport and an onward ticket to enter Panama, but further requirements vary from country to country and occasionally change. The UK, the US, Germany, Switzerland most European countries need only a passport, while people from Cuba, Egypt, Lebanon, Mozambique, Uganda and Yemen needs a stamped visa or a tourist card.


EST (UTC -5)


Variable – majority of sockets have 110 V same with the US, but there are unpredictable variations; some hotels contain 220 V. Confirm with your hotel.

Weights & measures

Kilograms, meters and liters.


All information above is for the current year except for economic data which is usually for the previous year.

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