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Panama’s ascent into an international finance center of repute has been one of the fastest and most remarkable growth stories since 1970. Recognized for its pro-business attitude, excellent regulation and competitive cost of doing business, Panama has become the go-to finance center for start-ups, growth minded entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Winning in Wealth Management

The country is a welcoming place for medium and high-net-worth individuals due to its mixture of innovative products, experienced professionals and strong regulatory framework. It offers all the favorite investment vehicles of wealthy clients, while allowing investors to protect their assets through the establishment of companies, trusts and foundations. Panama is also presenting itself as a holistic lifestyle and residency destination for affluent foreigners.


Panama regularly receives high rankings in benchmarking reports. During 2017, occupied the 7th position in the Rankings of the Best Countries for Business in Latin American and Caribbean, and was #64 of 153countries. In addition, the World Economic Forum ranks Panama above average for almost every metric in financial market development.

Innovation through Regulation

Panama’s financial regulatory framework is among one of the most robust in the world and is in process to adopt some of the OECD rules, while still being sophisticated enough to remain a flexible platform for the financial services industry. The proactive approach taken by the regulator – the Panama Banking Authority – has supported the country in becoming a leading financial center in the Americas.

Low-Risk Environment

With a long established democratic tradition, Panama offers a veritable safe haven for investors. Liberal economic policies and a government committed to an open business environment are important factors for many investors looking for long term stability.

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